Online Documentation

If you like to get informed about hbTAPI without dowloading the Evaluation Version, please take a look at the Online Help Document.

Online Help Document
Online Help Document

Support Forum

If you got questions about hbTAPI Components, please visit the hbTAPI User Support Forum.

hbTapi Components Support Forum
hbTapi Components Support Forum

Technical Support

Technical support is available to all users via eMail. Please send your requests to:

Use the support form below to send us your questions / comments. We are open from 9 am to 5 pm EET (GMT +1), Monday to Friday.

Before you contact Häger+Busch technical support by email, please visit the online support forum, try the sample programs, look at the sample programs and compare them to your program. Check also the download section for the latest version of hbTapi Components. Technical support by telephone is not usually available; our support engineers like to deal with technical questions in strict rotation as they are received. If you are a trial version user, feel free to send us you questions - we will respond if there is time.

Support Form:

Try to always use the same email address, this helps us track earlier correspondence
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Please describe your issue in as much detail as you can. If you are getting an error please tell us the exact error messages you are getting including any numbers. Remember the more information you give us about the issue and the steps that you have taken to resolve the problem the better chance we have of giving practical advise and help.